Ready, set, roguelike!

#7DRL #gamedev #roguelike

As a big fan of "roguelite" games (Spelunky, Dead Cells, Invisible, Inc., and Intro the Breach are a few of my favorites), I've often appreciated more traditional roguelikes; even though I don't play them quite as much.

Likewise, the 7DRL game jam has long been on my radar and it's high time I used it as excuse to make a roguelike game for this year's challenge.

My general plan is to make something relatively traditional (turn-based, etc), and explore the permadeath mechanic in ways inspired by A Wizard's Lizard.

I'll host the game itself on my page, and attempt to post a short update on this blog each day.

Since the schedule is timezone-friendly, I'm noting my start time here (~3pm MST) with a deadline for myself of ~3pm MST next Saturday.

Ship it!